Some Basic Ways To Promote Your Music

Promote Your Music

There are a lot of musicians out there right now, with many more springing up daily. With so many music artists, whether they’re bands or solo, jockeying for position to claim their own share of the market so to speak, it has made promoting your music more important and vital than ever. Doing things right on the promotion side of things can lead to great success in selling your music, so here are some of our tips on the best ways to promote your music right now.

One of the first routes down the promotion path many people take, and rightly so, is to try and build a community using Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat are brilliant platforms to not only build a community but to promote your music and what you’re doing too. It’s vital that the platforms are used correctly and in the right way, keeping a professional approach as best as possible. Especially since it is these said platforms which will allow you to talk directly to your audience.

When it comes to promoting music across social media platforms, once a community has been established or is in the building stage, it’s worth checking out the paid options offered by services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These will allow you to target your audience and likeminded people with ads and sponsored posts, which will in turn get your music out there to the masses.

While social media is brilliant for musicians, it’s also worth exploring other areas too, especially ones that you can own. One of the first things to get in place is an official website. Having your own website will be hugely beneficial to any musician. Firstly as it gives you a more professional look as an artist.

A website will also act as a place for fans of your music to visit when they’re looking to find out the latest information, be it about new music, gigs or tickets. It’s also worth considering putting together an email list and a blog too, as other ways to promote your music aside from the ones already in place.

Don’t Forget To Promote Your Music Live

Nowadays, there are multiple platforms out there built for getting music out to the masses. But arguably, the old fashioned way of doing live shows and physically getting out is still crucial to any promotional strategy. Live shows not only provide the perfect opportunity to interact with fans for real, but it can be a way to reach out to a wider audience. So for example, any mention of playing bingo would most likely get you thinking about mFortune online bingo. However, there is musical bingo which has become extremely popular across all demographics as it incorporates live music with bingo; and thus bands can gain exposure to a potential market that would have been ignored.

On the other hand, while it’s vital that as a music artist you do live gigs as often as possible, the reality is the bulk of promotion these days happens in the online world. Everyone will have heard of streaming services, and these have become integral when it comes to getting music heard. Services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, are popular with musicians for a reason, and the fact they’re extremely popular with listeners tells you everything you need to know.

Musicians shouldn’t forget about the likes of YouTube or Soundcloud either, as both can be key in promoting music too. YouTube, believe it or not, is the number one music streaming platform on the planet, while Soundcloud is an easy to use platform which has a real community feel to it. Both can be weapons in the arsenal of a music artist going forward.

In conclusion, there is no one method that should be adopted when looking to successfully promote any type of music. Any promotional strategy worth its salt will have to include as many activities as possible in effort to ensure the music is heard by as any people as possible. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.

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