Race Against Fate – Back To Basics

Race Against Fate

Many artists are able to make a name for themselves by taking aspects of multiple music genres and combining them in an original way to create something that is truly their own.  The influences run deep but the uniqueness shines through in the music of our recent discovery Race Against Fate.  

The project is the alias of indie singer/songwriter Vik Kapur.  The moniker of Race Against Fate was started back in 2013 as a solo project that fused traditional Western pop/rock with Indian instruments such as sitar and tabla.  This experimentation added a new sound to what Vik was limited to previously and opened up a freedom to reach for more.  To find musicians to provide pieces to the Race Against Fate project he reached out far and wide to session musicians from Moscow. London, Los Angeles and Nashville.  He even worked for a time with legendary engineer/producer John Dinsmore to flesh out the original sound.

Race Against Fate Looking For More

Earlier this month. Race Against Fate released the song “Fearlessly” to get back to his fans.  Instead of doing the usual Indo-fusion, Vik decided to go back to basics and record a simple piano ballad with real emotion.  The lyrics reflect on how original and influential Prince, David Bowie and Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip were to so many people, including Vik Kapur himself.  The true feelings of the artist can be felt in the pretty piano melody and heartfelt vocal style.  This is the perfect song to just lay back and relax with letting the music take over your mind and emotions.  

Keep an eye out for more music at: http://www.raceagainstfate.com/

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