Sidewalk Chalk Take Gorgeous Experiment to Kickstarter

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk is a soulful jazz and hip-hop outfit comprised of an extremely unique set of artists. They’ve got both male and female lead vocalists backed by a set of drums, some bass, a trumpet, a trombone — and even a tap dancer.

The group is set to begin recording their fourth studio album, An Orchid Is Born, with the Grammy Award-winning Robert “Sput” Searight and could use your help to make it happen — they’re deep into a Kickstarter campaign now with only two days left.

Sidewalk Chalk — Indie, Innovative, and Unique

Sidewalk Chalk has never shied away from sounding different.

Since they formed back in ‘08, it’s been one long, winding, and sometimes unforgiving trail of individuality and musical diversity. It’s put them in over 600 shows across the U.S and even on stages with some seriously recognized names like Action Bronson, and hip-hop legends De La Soul and Talib Kwali.

Often times, they fearlessly throw in trombone and trumpet riffs where others might pluck a guitar, and they’ve consistently found ways to charm their fans with odd sounds from the keys or heavy kicks on the drums.

Vocally speaking, the band comes strapped with a lion-hearted lead singer, Maggie Vagle, who never fails to impress. She sings every note with lullaby smoothness and lets every word float through your mind like clouds on a Sunday afternoon. She’ll sing you almost into a dream state with her mellow voice then jolt you awake with an ox-strong chorus or two.

They also have an astounding sense of creativity in male vocalist Rico Risney. The man spits rhymes with his eyes shut and his mind open, laying his lyrics out like food for thought for anyone daring enough to take a bite.

Talent and Versatility

Typically, the group allows for lead Vagle to take complete control of the song and showcase her outstanding capabilities as a singer. However, on tracks like “Fearless Messenger” and “Take the Time,” Risney demonstrates his striking vocal presence and lyricism.

Vagle introduces “Fearless Messenger” with smooth and easy-going lyrics. She almost whispers sweet vocals into the microphone whilst telling an enchanting tale of valiance and patience. Meanwhile, the bands musicians — Charlie Coffee (keys), Xavier Breaker (drums), Sam Trump (trumpet), and David Ben-Porat (trombone) — all work diligently together to form a sound that is as deadly as it is tranquil.

After having spent over a minute creating a peaceful, float-along-the-river vibe, Risney steps in boldly and drops a meaningful and thought-provoking verse placed perfectly amongst the ensemble.

“Take the Time,” though similar in structure, is an excellent example of Sidewalk Chalk’s versatility as well. Vagle’s soft and nurturing voice is met with equally soothing vocals from Risney’s end. The two take turns telling a beautifully woven story of longing and restraint.

Sidewalk Chalk is an indie-group with talent, versatility, and, most of all, purpose.

Chalk Talk

All in all, Sidewalk Chalk’s got a whole lot to offer.

A great sound, exceptional vocals, and a flat-out different way of doing things. They also have almost 10 years of experience under their belts and it’s likely that they aren’t stoppin’ anytime soon. A band built upon such flagrant individualism and sturdy lyricism is a band with only one way to go.


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