Many talented musicians are skilled in creating music in more than one genre.  Something is ingrained in their soul to craft tones that will appease the listener no matter what style it is.  Having this skill is impressive especially when the artist puts different genres of music out there just to see what will stick and is able to transform themself into what the crowds want.  One such artist is our latest find, Raiza.


The London based artist was born Timothy Russell but is better known by his stage name Raiza at this point in time.  He started releasing music to the world back in 2010.  Track after track were spread out gaining him strong support from the internet community.  In 2012 Raiza released his first album Amusement independently.  He stretched his skills with this record showing off his experimental rock side.  Raiza does everything on his own becoming the songwriter, producer, musician, and performer as the moment sees fit.

Raiza plans on showing off another side on July 15th with the release of the new album Young And Reckless.  The 14 track record is in the rap genre.  Raiza takes the sounds that defined the 90’s and put his own aggressive spin on them to create something fresh.  The first and title track ‘Young And Reckless’ lets the listener know right from the start that Raiza will be holding nothing back.  Each track is marked with an explicit tag for good reason.  He has no problem rapping with the language of the street.  Songs such as ‘I’m Back’ and ‘Stay Faded’ still show he has some influences from the experimental rock world utilizing sounds that are smarter than the average rap album nowadays.  There seems to be a lot of anger throughout the record but in a melodic way.  Experience ‘Die’ and ‘Say It To My Face’ if you can handle the rage.  Overall this is an enjoyable record that stays catchy throughout the beats, even with the constant cursing that has become part of Raiza’s style.

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  1. Ginger Smith

    Awsome, cant wait! As a friend and a fan who stands behind the artists I enjoy, Razia brings out the darkside hidden by the veil people call normal. Asylum was great, so cant wait to hear this one its gonna be all Truth!!!