The NYC music scene has always been a hotbed of great underground music.  As Manhattan has gotten more and more expensive to live the scene of incoming artists has shifted to parts of Brooklyn that are still within reach for the starving artist.  Local live music venues are popping up everywhere to support these talented individuals and their craft.  Our latest Brooklyn find is TeribalAnamal.


The newly formed band conjures up the past Brooklyn music staple genres of post punk and new wave.  The members of TeribalAnamal, Stephanie on guitar/vocals, Chalky on drums, and Ryan on bass/vocals, only first met in 2012 but have melded into one unit rather quickly.  They have been heavily gigging around NYC at well known local clubs such as Trash Bar, Delancey, and Fontana’s Bar.  This hard work is getting them noticed.

Recently TeribalAnamal has released their debut EP entitled Anamala.  The 6 track record is a throwback to a simpler and darker time in music.  The first song ‘Ice’ brought memories of Joy Division to my mind right away.  The dark bassline and monotonous vocal style of Ryan makes for an emotional listen.  ‘Mourning Dove’ is more on the punk side of the spectrum and shows the energy inside the band.  The new wave track ‘Garuda’ has an interesting feel with a creepy modern guitar sound that makes the song quite unique.  The closing track ‘Flamingos’ seems to incorporate it all with its speedy drum fills and driving guitar line while the vocals are part deep and part party sing along.  This is definitely a good start for the young band and we will be keeping our eyes on them.  You can to at:

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