Rarin Expels Bad Vibes With New Single “Toxic Ends”

If you’re looking for a song to party, play on your playlist or simply want a pick-me-up from a long day, then the new single ”Toxic Ends” is your answer. The new song from musical artist, Rarin, dives deep into the abyss of trust and ridding yourself from toxic influences that may be holding you back. This isn’t the first attempt Rarin has stressed this important message. “Toxic Ends” has been followed by singles “SO WHAT!”, featuring BrxkenBxy and “GTA”, which have been viral sensations for the artist. With nearly 18 million views on YouTube and a growing fanbase, it is no surprise that Rarin has also acquired attention from the influential Fortnite community to further his success. It is also no wonder why Rarin has gained adoration from his listeners, offering various twitter contests and giveaways, creating an artist-listener relationship. This is something the rapper is doing differently amongst his peers within the music industry. 

Watch the video for “Toxic Ends” below

Combining pop and hip-hop elements, Rarin delivers a stellar mix similar to big names such as Travis Scott, Post Malone and Juice WRLD. A groovy drum pattern banging over a fuzzy synth melody makes this track distinguishable: even more so with the salient vocals of Rarin spreading his message. This isn’t the first superb mix Rarin has provided. As mentioned before, the artist has released various singles which follow suit of this bubbly song. The Florida-based rapper has only begun his musical journey but possesses the potential to become a part of a defining age. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see his name in a big Spotify playlist in the near future. 

The single “Toxic Ends” was released Tuesday, May 25th 2021, along with a surprise video of the song. Listeners should also keep watch for a summer mixtape featuring the new single. Once again, if you’re in pursuit of a great summer vibe, Rarin’s new single “Toxic Ends” satisfies that desire. Be sure to follow Rarin on all social platforms to stay tuned in, discover new music and build a community.

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