‘Face The Day’ With Neel Cole & Southern St

Neel Cole & Southern St

Blending together different genres has a way of getting new music noticed. Fans of each genre can be drawn into the mashup with an appreciation for the genres that they do not have much experience with. Basically opening up the music space to all. The best music is experiencing new things in sound. Our recent discovery Neel Cole & Southern St seem to be at the forefront of a fresh new sound.

The now full band based out of Austin, Texas was originally a simple solo project of David Neely (aka Neel Cole). Paring with Kenneth Simmons on Bass, and Pedro Duquense on Drums in 2018 the project grew to be called Neel Cole & Southern St. Together they developed a sound that they call ‘Inspirational Texas Grunge.’ Inspirations can be heard from Rock, Grunge, Blues, and Country. And Truly Texas large!

Get Ready For Neel Cole & Southern St.

The development of the unique Texas sound continued to emerge with the addition of Wen Thai Liu on bass. Neel Cole & Southern St are now striving to make 2021 their breakout year with the release of new single “Face The Day.” The track opens with a definite Texas Country sound with guitar and emotional vocals. It soon evolves into an all out grunge rocker with strong drums to pick up the energy. Neel Cole’s vocals match that energy with angst as well. The band’s ability to cover this variety of genres within one song is truly amazing. We even get a fancy guitar solo to round it out. Fans of all these genres can sit back and enjoy. 

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