You’ll Want To Listen To Reaven “(Be)For Tomorrow”

French band Reaven is coming out with hits you can expect to hear on the radio. On their newest EP (Be)For Tomorrow, Reaven have honed their pop rock sound with electronic influences and made a record that you can just as easily dance, sing along, or rock out to. There is a lot of variety on this EP that makes it more than your standard pop record, the lead singer Roméo Bassi has a unique vocal style and the songs feature interesting vocal harmonies, this EP’s uplifting lyrics combined with its anthemic choruses make this a powerful record.

The first track, “Hope” begins with acoustic guitar, but this isn’t your average acoustic rock song. Vocal harmonies come in and lead us into the chorus of the song with a catchy guitar melody. The lyrics “come with me and fly away” are featured in the bridge as the song lifts you up with an optimistic message and bright instrumentation.

“Electric Love” starts off with some groovy guitars as lead singer Bassi shows off his unique vocal style that really shines in this track. This song is definitely more on the danceable and exciting side, repeated “yeah-ah-ah” serves to hype up this track. Synths come in for the ending of the song to keep the energy going.

Listen to (Be)For Tomorrow below

Showcasing their variety on this EP is “Reflection” which starts with ethereal sounding harmonies. This song has a very full sound, with a choir of stacked vocal tracks and piano filling it in. In the latter half of the song pounding electronic percussion and electric guitar come in to solidify this as an anthem that you can chant along to. 

More on the rock side of Reaven’s sound, “Ordinary Heroes” is the lead single from their new EP. A lead electric guitar really digs in on this track and gets stuck in your head; a drum groove drives this song forward and gives it momentum. This song repeats a melody that has some bite to it, showing off the cool side of Reaven.

The last track “escape” really shows off the band’s range in songwriting. This song is a more introspective power ballad. Showing off a more vulnerable side, the emotional depth on this track makes the empowering choruses hit harder, with lyrics like “The reason I’m still standing is because I believe” this one feels both personal and powerful.
If you are looking for a fun and accessible pop rock record that you sing or dance along to, (Be)For Tomorrow is a great EP that can also be uplifting and introspective. Expect to be hearing more from Reaven in the future.

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