Swilly Lets Us Know They Are ‘Full Of Sin’


Music is fun! It seems that many bands have forgotten this basic motto. There is nothing better than making music and having a good time doing it. Our recent find Swilly lives by this mantra and has been releasing a steady stream of rockin’ fun songs to keep their fans happy. 

The half Canadian, half American rock band is all about having a good time. Swilly is composed of frontman/singer/songwriter Steven Williams, guitarist Kevin Campbell, bassist Doug Adair, drummer Carl Holz, keyboard player Jason Long, and lyricist Tammy Throneberry. Together they provide a raw in your face rock sound. No apologies. The band claims influence from ZZ Top, The Cult, Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman. A wide range of sound that suits them just fine.

“Full of Sin” is the latest offering by Swilly. The classic dark rock sound jumps out right away. All 5 band members show off their talent with catchy melodies blending together in a full sonic showdown. Guitar solos and keyboard experimentation add to the flavor. The accompanying music video adds to the Swilly experience. Raw, unadulterated, fun.

Keep up with more of the Swilly fun on their WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM.

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