The Redhill Valleys show off their country twang in latest release

Redhill Valleys

Country music is a genre that will always have a special place in my heart. Growing up, that was 90% of what I was exposed to. Although it may not be something that I listen to on a regular basis now, whenever I hear some good country tunes, it reminds me just a bit of my childhood.

The Redhill Valleys is described as a folk/rock group, but there is definitely a country aspect to the new single from their new self-titled album. Coming straight from Canada, The Redhill Valleys consists of just three members: guitarist Danielle Beaudin, drummer Tim Allard, and bassist Chelsea McWilliams. They are surely proving that playing instruments is not their only talent.

The Redhill Valleys and Their Nostalgic Country Rock

Combining the vocals of the three gives a very harmonic balance to the track “Wrong Way Turns Out Right,” which also features an accompanying music video. The track begins with light guitar strumming followed by the introduction of subtle drumming that leads to soft, feminine vocals. There’s an undeniable country twang to her voice, but there’s a modern sound to it as well.

The music video is quite simple in that it features the trio doing what they do best: playing music. There’s also a very personal feeling to the video where you’ll see the members joking around with each other, sticking their tongues out at the camera. It almost brings you right into the setting, as they are interacting very casually.

There are a few scenes that will pan to the group in a recording studio, on stage playing for a small intimate crowd, and laying on a couch with a guitar. The song itself is quite simple as well, and I am getting a feeling that’s quite reminiscent of hearing a Lady Antebellum track. Although this group only formed in late 2014, there’s a harmonious nature to their recordings that make it seem as though they have been making music together for years.

There’s plenty of time to enjoy the instruments in this track, as well, as there is a lengthy solo a little over three minutes into the song. There is no abrupt ending to this one, as there is a graceful fading out of the instruments and the vocals seem to drift away into the distance. Overall, this is a very good folk/country track to listen to, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of The Redhill Valleys in the future.

You can listen to “Wrong Way Turns Out Right” on YouTube and check out the rest of their album on SoundCloud.

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