Resurrection Fern Braves The Waters With Brand-New Single “Siren”

Resurrection Fern

Newcomer indie folk singer-songwriter Resurrection Fern takes the unconventional route of taking her live performances into laptops, televisions, and mobile phones of fans all over the world.  Through the growing platform of this has made this all possible.

For the past 3 years, Fern’s channel, has been the forefront of this pioneering movement.  With a growing following, hundreds of fans tune in every week to watch Fern perform live.  The channel also allows Fern to network with her fans.  Utilizing the channel’s live chat function lets Fern directly engage with her audiences throughout every live performance.  Fern interacts with her fans, fielding questions, sharing stories, and simply enjoys the company of her community known as “Fernfam.”

In October 2018, Resurrection Fern released a community funded debut album, Beyond the Trees, available on all prominent digital platforms.

Fern recently completed recording her second community funded album at the renowned Station West studio in Nashville.  You can expect this release very shortly.

Most recently the indie folk singer-songwriter is releasing her brand-new release, entitled, “Siren.”  “Siren” is Fern’s third recently released single from her community-funded upcoming EP.

In Greek mythology, the “Siren” would lure sailors out to sea to shipwreck with their Song.  In this song, Fern’s “Siren” calls her into the Storm to find herself again.  In the lyrics, Fern sings, “I can’t get up/ I can’t move on/ But they tell me to stay strong/ I thought that was what I was doing all along/ Was I wrong?…I twist and turn/ The bounds they break/ Maybe a storm is what it takes to me free/ Free from you/ From you.” 

“Siren” starts off with some intricate finger work on the acoustic guitar with Fern’s vocals accompanying the instrument.  This is a simply rendered track that has a stripped-down approach with upbeat and catchy rhythms coming from the guitar.

Altogether a dynamic acoustic sound could be detected from the single.

The MV features the singer-songwriter taking selfies of herself in a compelling animated film format as she performs the song in an intimate performance.  The filming utilizes Apple iPhone “Slofie,” a feature that is Apple’s name for slow-motion selfies. 

Resurrection Fern has once again outdone herself with this catchy and on-point song.  With an infectious pop melody, Fern dives into an indie folk pop/rock sound with little to no trepidation. 

With this single, Fern braves the waters with this riveting single that contains deep lyrics, poetic storytelling and a bewildering charm. 

Be sure you have a listen today!

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