Rev GK – Sharing Positivity Through Music

When you have a strong message that you wish to share, pouring your heart and soul into your music can help reach many more people.  This is not always easy without sounding condescending or preachy but our latest find Rev GK seems to have found that balance.

Rev GK

The New Hampshire resident and New York native’s name is Gary Konigsberg.  Back in April of 2015, he was ordained as a minister basing his spiritual orientation and understanding of the New Testament on more non-dualistic teachings.  This has been a long journey for Rev GK but strong beliefs for the common people have powered his strength.  He has been a liberty activist for years trying to fight against corrupt and oppressive government and corporate sectors.  More recently he had the realization that positivity is the best step to achieve peace and turned to music to share his newfound goal of sharing this positivity.  

Earlier this year Rev GK released his full-length album Reservoir.  The 16 track record uses sounds from the folk and light rock genres with thoughtful lyrics to share his message.  The opener “I Wake Unto The Lord” sets the tone with pretty melodies and the deep vocal style of Rev GK.  You can sense a little country influence on “Nothing Ever Happens Around Here”.  You can tell he is sharing real life experiences here with an earnest voice.  There is a little more experimentation on “Diggin’ Deeper” with an assortment of noises that combine for quite the funky sound.  Another standout is “Should’ve Known Me Better” which features some beautiful female vocal harmonies.  If there is faith in your heart you can get a listen to Rev GK for yourself HERE


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