Rhythm Bullies Bring ‘Dysnomia’ To The World

Rhythm Bullies

There is something special about a musician that is able to push through the difficulties of life to create music. it is too easy to just give up. Those that fight through the hand they are dealt with reach a higher level of success. One such artist is our recent discovery Sebastian Mogan and his Rhythm Bullies project.

The Nashville, Tennessee based singer, songwriter, and guitarist is a powerhouse that makes no excuses. Sebastian Mogan suffers from NF2 that has left him seriously visually and hearing impaired but he does not let that get in his way. In fact, he uses this to motivate him to create something truly unique with Rhythm Bullies. The result is a fiery fusion of rock, synth energy, symphonic, and world music that he says is “what rock should sound like in 2021.” 

Last month The Rhythm Bullies released The Dysnomia EP. The 5 track record is a testament to the raw combination of energy that Sebastion brings to the table. The raw vocals that start the opener “Dysnomia” provide a grunge vibe that shares that same energy of the early ’90s. The sing-a-long chorus hits to add that pop level.

The lead single “Escape From Dysnoma” follow up the opener with a spacy atmospheric sound showing the true depth of the Rhytym Bullies. The sounds of a classic sci-fi theme come to mind as the track builds to climax. “Theo” combines the best of both these worlds. Exotic sounds clash with grunge vocals along with some fancy guitar solos to add yet another layer. 

The closer “Through The Glass” keeps the genre-blurring experiment going with a symphonic world sound pulsating through the song. Some Gogol Bordello influences can definitely be heard here. As the speed build up the energy peaks and The Rhythm Bullies leave us begging for more.

Keep up with more from the band on their WEBSITE.

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