Rob Alexander Allows Us To ‘Dream Out Loud’

Dream Out Loud

In times of crisis a person has two choices. Stop what you are doing and freeze all your progress, OR push forward and use the time to create. Our friend Rob Alexander always chooses the latter and it has made him not only a fantastic artist but also a success in everything he does. 

The hard working singer and songwriter has had his head down working hard. With a successful career as a physician and anesthesiologist already established, Rob Alexander has been putting the work and time into his singing voice and songwriting skills. It has paid off with the release of 3 albums in the last 3 years of all original material. A man on a mission can not be slowed down.

On February 5th, 2021, Rob Alexander will release his third album Dream Out Loud. The 13 track album takes us back to a simpler time when peppy music with high end vocals was king. In fact, the band used for Dream Out Loud features Elton John’s current band, including longtime Elton guitarist Davey Johnstone, bassist Matt Bissonette, percussionist John Mahon, and keyboardist Kim Bullard. 

The opener “Yesterday’s News” starts us off with a positive message and an uplifting beat that sets the tone quickly. Dream Out Loud is here as a light of hope in an otherwise difficult world right now. On the title track, Rob Alexander sings with an aggressive passion that grabs the attention of the listener. There is no turning back once he has you.

The positivity continues on tracks like “A Song To Get Us Through” and “Nothing To Be Afraid Of Now.” We all jump into the fray and feel the energy that Rob shares. He is able to slow it down as well on “Angel  And Johnny” for an intimate track that lets us take a relaxed little break.

As we reach the closer “Game Over,” Rob Alexander shows us a little experimental side. He is no one trick pony. Music is his oyster and we all get to enjoy the pearls. This sets up some anticipation for what is to come next. I have a feeling it will not be a long wait with his dedication and passion.

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