Rob Alexander Says “Get Over Yourself” its A Party

Get Over Yourself

As the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”. When doing my due diligence and learning about Rob Alexander, I went down several internet rabbit holes. I read past reviews, checked out his social media and began to put the pieces together. Still, I felt I needed a bit more and turned to his previous work. When listening to his previous albums, I finally had the grasp I was looking for. Rob’s new single “Get Over Yourself” featuring Gigi Worth is a full-on dance pop song aimed at the masses. After listening to his discography, it made sense, he has a knack for pop music. Birds of a feather do flock together.

The song is straightforward, primarily relying on parts that repeat. Placement of said parts is where the beauty lies. Subtle variations and a minimalist approach are key in making the track pop. Out of the gate a tribal rhythm and dark synth set the mood. Accentuating the tribal gyration and sprinkled in just right, is a rhythmic vocal singing “ba, ba ba ba, ba ba, ba ba”. Next, verses arrive on cue, and we pick up steam with every passing bar. Bringing everything together and backbone of the track are the drums and percussion. When the snare hits, it cuts. Bringing the go juice and taking us to the peak are the galloping hi-hat sixteenth notes. Their intensity feels fantastic, like walking away scott free from something one shouldn’t have.

Get Moving and ‘Get over Yourself’ With Rob Alexander

On the second pass, Gigi Worth takes over on vocals. Her addition gives the song another angle and keeps things fresh. We reach another level when the two of them come together to sing the chorus. Their dual attack gives us the big finish they knew we wanted. Placing the duo’s big vocal outro behind the guitar solo is great songwriting 101. From the guitar solo on, the energy never lets up. A fun frantic release washes over us like lighting our 4th of July sparklers all at once.

Rob Alexander is a great example of someone who is chasing their dreams. While not everyone has the ability to be a full-time musician, he shows us talent prevails. His talent has allowed him to work alongside members of Elton John’s band. When other established musicians take time out of their busy schedules to work on your project, you know you’re doing something right. The subject matter covered in Rob’s new single touches on our narcissistic self-love on social media. Our obsession with social media is a topic he’s covered before with “Life As We Know It”. When listening to “Get Over Yourself”, I recalled past hits like Cher’s “Believe”, “Don’t Call Me Baby” by Madison Avenue and a bit of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship. A new 13 song album, Young Man’s Eyes, is set to debut on June 5th. “Get Over Yourself” is the sixth track on the upcoming album. We’ll have to reconvene on June 5th to hear the rest.

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