Musicians have all kinds of different goals in mind when sitting down to write a song.  There is a need for music in so many avenues nowadays.  From television commercials to independent films to background music at conferences the opportunity to have music placed has been steadily growing.  Our latest find Rob Kayes has been exploring all of these.

Rob Kayes

The journeyman musician has been writing and performing his music for the past 20 years throughout the world including a recent tour that took him to over 15 different countries.  After all this time he decided it was finally time to release his own album and is currently working with veteran producer Peter Rafelson (Madonna, Britney Spears) on his debut scheduled for release in the summer of 2014.  Rob Kayes versatility will be featured as he will be sharing songs from a variety of genres.

We were able to get a listen to some of the music getting ready for Rob Kayes’ debut album and there seems to be something there.  “Heading For LA” is a fun and airy, pop rock song with a chorus that will get stuck in your head for weeks.  Rob’s laid back style makes the music seem very comfortable.  There is some interesting influences on “Never Had Her Heart”.  I sense touches of surf guitar and alternative power rock.  It all comes together quite nicely.  Another direction is felt on “Naked”.  Rob features his smooth yet gravelly voice along with a big almost arena-like backdrop on the well produced track.

You can get a taste of Rob Kayes for yourself at:

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