Heltah Skeltah’s Rock Pays Tribute to Late Friend and Partner


Rock had already made a name for himself before he dropped his debut solo album, Rockness A.P. He was previously a part of the Brooklyn-based hip-hop duo, Heltah Skeltah. He and his Heltah Skeltah partner Sean Price released three albums together, until Price’s untimely passing.

Now, two years after Price’s death, Rock is finally releasing his own highly anticipated album. Throughout the album, he pays tribute to his longtime partner and friend, Price. The “A.P.” of Rockness A.P. stands for “after Price,” suggesting that the rapper is moving on with his career now, but is still keeping Price and everything they accomplished together close to his heart. Even through the difficult times, the energy in Rockness A.P. shows that his passion for music is unwavering.

Rock Gets Deeply Introspective

The most interesting and meaningful song on Rockness A.P. is the title track.

“Rockness A.P.” is packed with his easily identifiable bass vocals and skilled techno beats. However, the song also goes into depth about the relationship him and Price had as partners, through the good times, the bad times, and even the unresolved disputes between the two. This album gained Rock a lot of respect because it takes a lot of courage to be able to push through such a tragic loss of a close friend.

Rockness A.P. is an album full of catchy beats, meaningful and original lyrics, and lots of time and hard work. Throughout the album, many hip-hop and rap talents are featured. Method Man, Buckshot, General Steele, Tek, Raekwon, Method Man, and more take part in Rock’s resurface album after years of silence. The combination of skilled, original rappers created a one-of-a-kind lineup that never gets old.

Although Rock teamed up with so many gifted artists to create the free-spirited album that Rockness A.P. is, he continues to keep Price in mind throughout everything. In all social media posts about the debut album, he includes the hashtag #SeanLivesOn.

Rock has officially showed his Heltah Skeltah fans that he is back. He’s learned from his hardships and he’s turned his struggles into important, purposeful music. Rockness A.P. is what it means to move on with a career after a painful loss. It’s Rock’s proof that he’s not giving up on his music, or the memory of his best friend.

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