Rosedale Junction sets the tone with The Last Rodeo’

Rosedale Junction

For Jazz guitar players, music truly becomes a way of life. From those early influences when you first pick up the instrument to the constant learning and technique practice as you yearn to master the style. The beauty that it produces though is a warranted reward. Our recent discovery Rosedale Junction has put in the hard work and is now making a career out of music. 

The band is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Toby Soriero. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Rosedale Junction produces their own blend of Blues, Country, R&B, and traditional American Rock n Roll. Using influence from such legendary guitar players as Eric Clapton and B.B. King has brought Toby to a highly skilled level of musicianship. In 2020, he said goodbye to working for Corporate America and has since focused on creating a full-time music career.

On April 13th, 2022, Rosedale Junction released their second album The Last Rodeo. The record features seven original songs (plus an acoustic version of one) and the first cover song by the band. 

The opener “Dancing Devil” starts the journey with a country-blues storyteller vibe. The vocals are delivered with a smoky deliberate style that draws the listener in. Full sounds fill the speakers punctuated by epic guitar fills. We get a taste of what we are in for. 

‘Loan Me A Dime’ featuring Kristen Lawler

The sole cover “Loan Me A Dime” is an innovative take on the blues classic best known for Boz Scaggs’ version. The beautiful melody creeps along easing us in. When singer Kristen Lawler’s emotional vocals come in we get hit right in the feels. This is the first version of the song with a female vocalist making it even more poignant.

The story-telling folk-blues returns with “Little Long Haired Angel.” An assortment of sounds comes together painting the picture of a man spiraling down to rock bottom with not even his true love able to save him. Sad but heartfelt. This continues on the story in “Rhythm In The Sky” as we mourn the loss of a promising young talent. (An acoustic version closes out the album as well.)

The title track “The Last Rodeo” has a way of tying it all together. A slowed down tempo lets each and every note have its own purpose. The female Jazz-blues vocal brings us to the smoky nightclub as we end the night wondering what the future will hold. Lots of soulful thinking going on.

Keep up with more from Rosedale Junction on their WEBSITE.

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