Sadcult is NOT ‘Everything You Hate’


As our world has progressed more and more has become independent and decentralized. Yes there are still huge conglomerates attempting to control everything BUT there is the ability for smaller entities to claim their space as well. Music has shifted drastically. The major labels have been hit hard. More and more independent bands and labels are out there making their mark. A new one that we recently discovered is Sadcult. 

The band formed in Weymouth, UK is doing it all on their own to progress without any stifling oversight. Sadcult is made up of Sam Newland on Guitar and vocals, Oliver Freeman on Bass and Chad White on drums. Together they produce an alt-rock and Grunge sound that throws back to the early 90’s while staying current with the new rock sound. Grit and raw energy are their trademarks. 

Sadcult recently released their debut EP Everything You Hate. The 6 track record was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band themselves without any label involvement. Right from the opener “Bleach The Freak” we can feel that raw energy that the band promised. Their laid back delivery paired with the grunge energy is an interesting match. The track sludges along as distorted guitars fill the speakers. A solid solo punctuates the song as well.

Sadcult Music Video For ‘Bleach The Freak’

The steady drum beat of “Absolute Zero” sets the tone as a winding guitar melody lifts the listener’s spirits. Using the tried and true grunge technique of loud-soft-loud keeps the attention throughout. Sam Newland’s vocals drip with emotion in his unique slow drawl. The energy gets turned up on “Hate/Love” with a little more pep and power. The catchy beat will get your head bopping along rather quickly. Another cool distorted guitar solo pop up here.

For the intentionally titled closer “Last Song,” Sadcult shows off a slower and more emotional side. This gives the listener some time to settle down their rabid built up energy and prepare to return to the real world. Solid close to a solid EP.

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