Royal Ruckus Comes Back Home For Their ‘Royalty Check’

Royalty Check

There have been many classic times in the rise of hip-hop music over the last 40 years. Although relatively short, the different styles and offshoots within the genre have all had their own time in the sun. Our friends from Royal Ruckus have been in the game a long time and keep their classic vibe alive.

The duo originally came together in 1998 while in Highland High School in Bakersfield, California. The warm West Coast vibe is still heard in their music today. Royal Ruckus consists of Chunjay still leading the way with Flatline providing his vocal style and fun to the mix. For this latest project Royalty Check, DJ Sean P was brought in for production, engineering, scratches, mixing, and mastering. Packed full of raw energy, the record is packed with Golden-era inspired, Boom Bap-infused Hip Hop.

The California vibe is best felt on “Back N Effect”, a warmhearted trip down memory lane. Chunjay recollects his early love for Hip-Hop, listening to A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie Smalls. The lifestyle of a reckless youngster, including an arrest, are brought up to focus on salvation and escape from a trip down the wrong path.

The beat will get heads bopping and toes tapping from start to finish. The throwback vibe stays fresh as DJ Sean P adds scratches and samples to keep the listener’s attention fixed on the song. This is just a downright fun track to listen to. Kind of wish it went longer than its 2 and 1/2 minute run time.

Luckily the 6-song Royalty Check EP can fill the rest of our hunger for now. Find it on SPOTIFY. And find more Royal Ruckus on their Official website HERE.

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