Saints Patience Creates Time Warp Between Decades of Rock n’ Roll

Saints Patience

Full of incredibly impressive guitar riffs and a classical rock ‘n roll voice to go with, Saints Patience is single-handedly constructing a new age of rock and roll with their timeless debut album Weather The Storm.

This London-based two-piece are more than what they seem. While their album cover seems subtle, their new album is just the opposite. The upbeat and fast-paced indie-rock album features lead singer Mudibu and Spencer on guitar. The duo resembles a mixture of rock groups from the 70s and 80s, from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Eric Clapton. Combine that with tracks like The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” and you have the beautiful birth of Saints Patience.

“Awaken” is one of the most passionate tracks on the album. If you only listen to one song today, make it be this one. This is the type of song you wait in your car listening to after you’ve pulled into the driveway because you don’t want to pause it.  A contemporary rock song inspired by the classics, “Awaken” includes tremendously strong guitar solo’s with a curious, but simple synth-y sounding beat in the background.

“Awaken” is the perfect mix of the classic rock we love and the contemporary rock we didn’t know we loved until now.

The song is full of catchy melodies, straight from the instrumental intro to the hook. Lustful lyrics spout from Mudibu’s mouth, keeping in time with Spencer’s guitar. The two called “Awaken” an “impassioned ode to infatuation and the power of attraction.” Wow. Mudibu’s raspy yet powerful vocals ring out lustful lyrics such as “I just can’t keep away from you.” The pair said the lyrics are about “capturing the angst we’ve all felt when unrequited desire becomes a near unbearable ache.” It’s like a rock and roll serenade, if there ever was one. If you claim not to like rock, this may still soon become your guilty pleasure.

“We’ve created something epic, something exciting and captivating,” the members of Saints Patience commented about their newest album “Weather the Storm.”

Spencer and Mudibu have been through their own set of struggles, which is where they’ve learned to write so devotedly and intensely, gleaning from their own experiences. The pair said “the notion of bravery in the face of these emotional challenges is implied in the album title ‘Weather the Storm.'”

The members of Saints Patience really know how to rough it through their metaphorical storm. They commented that they didn’t actually have an official studio to record in for this album. Instead, they resorted to makeshift sound absorbents, such as duvets and blankets.

This album is the aftermath of the storm. The lyrics are about getting through the storm, but the end creation is the rainbow after the torrential downpour has stopped. Isn’t it a great one?

Weather the Storm (full album)

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