Scott Smith Stretching Out His Songwriting With Some Help

Scott Smith

We all need a little help from our friends.  Even when you choose to be a solo musician, you need the help of other artists in the scene.  Whether it be to add a particular sound that they are known for or just to lend an ear of support you should lean on your partners in music.  A good example is our recent find, Scott Smith.

Hailing from the Bay Area of California, Scott Smith was exposed to some of the most influential and game changing musical acts in his childhood.  His first guitar teacher, David Nelson of The New Riders of the Purple Sage, was full of historical anecdotes and insights on the birth of the 60’s music scene there.  

Through his years of coming up, Scott Smith performed in cover bands for a number of years.  He then decided to get serious about songwriting and recording original material and has been pouring all his efforts into it for the last four years.  As the songs started to fall in place for a full-length record, Scott saw opportunities to make them even better.  He began to make some phone calls, with the help of Jeff Martin the owner of Studio E, to musicians he knew could help flesh out his vision.  Big names came to help fill in the sound with their talents on a wide variety of instruments.

The result has become the cleverly titled The Sum Of Life.  The 11 track record creates a full tapestry of sound with the help of this wide variety of extremely talented musicians.  The title track “The Sum Of Life” sets up the album with a beautiful feel and elegant style even without the use of words.  Scott Smith shows off his deep blues influences with “Blues Guitar Slinger”  as the sped up beat pushes the track forward with a robust energy.  



One of my favorites from the album is “The World Is Strange”.  For this one Mitch Woods, a boogie-woogie pianist who has played with John Lee Hooker was brought in to add that vibe that will get any listener’s head bobbing along.  The closer “Messing With Reality” is probably the most rocking song of the record.  The groove pumps up the energy as Scott Smith’s interesting vocal delivery brings it home.

He doesn’t seem to be slowing down and has more music on the way.  Keep a look out for Scott Smith and new music on his SOUNDCLOUD.

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