Scott St Louis Shares His Demon and Savior

Scott St Louis

This review needs to open with a quote by our recent discovery Scott St Louis. “Music is my demon and my saviour. It is the only way I can open a dialogue with the world. It is all I have. I give it away freely. The results are not up to me.”

I needed to read this several times but it makes so much sense to me and truly relates. Music can be so many different things to each person. It will never be up to you. But if you put it out there for others to experience you are adding to their experience.

Scott St. Louis hails from Long Beach, California but has had many travels to expand his experiences and influences. This became a huge part of his songwriting. Scott is able to pour real heart and soul into his lyrics and create unique melodies that draw the listener in. He achieved worldwide success with the notorious Ditch Bank Okies, playing on six international releases, he also the main singer songwriter is Boss Tweed and ThereGoI.

Earlier this month Scott St Louis released his long awaited self-titled solo album. The 8 track record dives deep into his personal, yet relatable, experiences. Scott hides nothing and lays all his successes and failures out there for the world to hear.

Scott St Louis Is Here To Share His Story

The opener “Today” sets the tone with a melodic yet raw energy that shows the skills of a truly talented songwriter. There is a beauty within the way everything find its own space in the mix.



There is a more mellow and romantic side shown on “I Think You’re Beautiful”. The lyrics reach deep within painting a picture that we all can make part of our own lives. The energy turns back up on “Follow You Down”. The grinding distorted guitars push the track forward while Scott St Louis pours his emotion into his singing.

We are greeted with a more minimalistic song for the closer “What I Wouldn’t Give.” This allows the focus to be on the real songwriting skills of a man that knows how to draw the listener into his story. The rises and falls of the melody help fill all the sonic space letting the music wash over you through your ears.

A lover of music would be wise to follow Scott St Louis and keep an ear open for what’s next.


The album is available on CD BABY

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