Trevor Drury Takes A Trip To The Water

Trevor Drury

Trevor Drury brings a well-rounded presentation to bear in everything he does that’s undoubtedly shaped by his concurrent career as a model. Trevor Drury understands self-promotion and part of that equation involves presenting yourself and works in the best possible light for an audience you know quite well. There’s a surprising amount of spiritual influence in the arrangement and lyrical content, but not the variety that comes off as preachy or an otherwise ham fisted tribute to an ill fitting style. He hits that feeling the same way he hits his other benchmarks in the song — with genuine subtlety and artistry alike.


This is top shelf, atmospheric pop with substantive songwriting values and a true presence in its primary performer. Trevor Drury’s “Trip to the Water” has everything that makes great pop so memorable, but it has that something extra that pushes it over the top and reminds us what true impact music can make.

The orchestral quality that gradually comes to full life in the song is weighty and never histrionic. Drury and the creative talents around him build this song from a delicate, gossamer like opening into something much grander with dramatically measured patience that brings listeners along for quite a ride.


Piano and vocals are the key instrumental pivot points of the song, but “Trip to the Water” wouldn’t be the success it is without the full investment that Drury makes musically. The drums, understated guitar, and meaty synthesizer lines are just as important to the overall impact. It’s difficult to not be physically moved, as well, by the confident manner Drury adopts for the song’s movement. There’s never a single second when “Trip to the Water” sounds tentative or makes a notable musical misstep. Instead, it can be enjoyed as a thoroughly entertaining, illuminating experience from the first and throughout the entirety of the song.


Trevor Drury is The Future Of Pop Music

The singing really seals the deal. Drury doesn’t sing like a young man — instead, his voice rises and falls with the dramatics of experience filtered through art and comes alive with every line. He’s singing a lyric that’s ideally suited for his voice and the electrifying mix of his commercially pleasing sound with just the right amount of blues and pathos in his phrasing makes this the uncontestable high point of the performance. This sounds like a song from someone who’s seen a lot of life already and appreciates the transformative moments and experiences that come along the way.


“Trip to the Water” is, in a very real way, about those things and the guiding soul coming from Drury’s voice makes it all that much more a richer experience. Trevor Drury is a talent growing with passion and reach on each new release and his future as both a performer and songwriter continues to glow brighter with boundless promise. He has come a long way from the eight year old boy who began pursuing music as a passion and the inspiration in his soul is audible to anyone open minded enough to listen.


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  -David Shouse


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