Sean Walshe Is The ‘American Son’

Sean Walshe

Life will take many of us on wild twisting journeys. As artists those journeys can be even more wild and twisting as we chase our art. But the passion we have for creating music that matters will pull us through to the finish line. Our recent discovery Sean Walshe seems to be the epitome of this journey and passion. His new album American Son is proof of him pushing through to put out a record that truly means something. 

While growing up music was a big part of his life. Sean Walshe loved the power of songwriters bringing real emotion and truth through their music. This became a true mission for him. The train went off the tracks somewhat though. Sean says “I’ve been in forty foot waves on a processing boat, six days from the land, and I’ve been locked in the wing of a maximum security prison with 86 felons and no one there to protect me. Suffice it to say, I do not get discouraged easily.”

It may have been later than originally planned but now things have all started to come together and fall into place. The result is the full length American Son album by Sean Walshe. The 13 track record is proof that long held determination can get you to your goals. 

The album opens with the title track “American Son,” a warm acoustic guitar coupled with the emotion-fueled vocals of Sean Walshe set the stage. This will be an in depth listen. A steady beat comes in quickly to drive it forward with a nice guitar solo thrown in to fill out the full sound. 

‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ and Sean Walshe

The Sean Walshe motto comes to light on “Fortune Favors The Brave.” As the driving pace is picked up, the energy flows. A lush tapestry of sound fills every inch of the mix. There are some truly talented players involved here. A more country-tinged vibe is shown on “The Vibe Song” with a drawl in the vocal. The straight 1-2 beat keeps heads bobbing along, and some horns thrown in for good measure. 

The overall songwriting shines on “Like No Other” with poignant lyrics drawing the listener into the story. We can relate even though we may not want to admit it. The songwriting excellence continues on the Neil Young inspired “Emmet’s Song.” With a harmonica lead opening it up that comparison is undeniable. These are tracks to really let into your soul. 

The American Son album ends fittingly with a Sean Walshe version of “The Lord’s Prayer” which we can all agree the country could use right about now. There is hope if we can come together through the tough times and make the best for all. 

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