There has been an explosion of opportunity for musicians willing to leave the comfort of their hometown and venture overseas to countries that have not experienced the strong music scene we have here.  Our latest find Sessy is a good example.


Although we don’t know much about him, we do know that the Canadian Singer/Songwriter packed up his bags and moved to China for the chance to build a music career there.  The music climate is much different there but they do have an affection to North American artists.

We were recently able to get a listen to some of the songs Sessy has been writing for his new album Away.  The full 15 track album  has recently been released to his newfound fans.  With its mellow start “Dead In Your Tracks” doesn’t prepare you for the energetic chorus filled with full sound that will stick in your head.  On “Hang In There” Sessy goes with the norml singer-songwriter technique of acoustic guitar and a softer drumbeat focusing on the storytelling vocals that leak with emotions.  The song builds as well once it has you hooked and takes you on a ride.  The song “Bisous” jumped out to me as a true rocker with its fast pace and guitar attack.  Sessy seems to be able to take the listener wherever he wishes to.  Back and forth we go as Sessy hits us with the pretty acoustic piece “Is That You?”.  The focus is on his voice that has the ability to create feelings through song.  By the time you get to album closer “Gave Out” it has been a wild yet mellow ride so Sessy tries to let you down easy with an early pop rock track to put a smile on your face.  Check out this talented artist at:

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