Music can create many moods within even the most cluttered mind.  It can provide energy, motivation, or a much needed sense of relaxation.  Electronic music especially can create all these effects but our latest find Zeequil seems to provide them all at once.


The musical duo from Adelaide, Australia crafts songs that attack and relax all at once.  Zeequil is made up of Lizzie Bradley and her soulful vocal abilities and EDM music producer Mehdi El-Aquill.  Lizzie has many years of experience bringing her talents to venues throughout Australia, The UK, and Europe which has developed her into confident and professional singer that loves being in front of a crowd.  Medhi brings his experience of producing and DJing from such hot electronic music spots as London, Ibiza, and the Sugar nightclub in Adelaide to secure top notch sound production to every gig.

This month Zeequil welcomed the release of their debut album Here to the masses. The exotic African drum sounds of the opener “Rise Up” mix with an interesting sonic palette that seems to rise and fall within your mind.  The energy is brought to a higher level on “Right Here” as the beat pushes forward with some funky guitar sounds.  Any listener will find their head bobbing and body moving involuntarily as the track progresses.  A full funk sound rises its head on “Spin Round” continuing the soulful dance party with Lizzie’s sultry vocals.  The chill vibe shows up with some fancy drum programming on “Hip 2 Hip” and continues on “Waitings Over”.  By the time you reach the closing track “Outside In” you will leave in a happier, energized and more relaxed mood than you started the album with.  Enjoy it in its entirety at:

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