We have talked a lot lately of bands that have been able to keep together with a higher than average number of band members.  There are so many things that can get in the way of a group with a bunch of musicians, from infighting over groupies to musical direction shifts.  Today we found another solid band that is making interesting music in The Remnants.


The band from Plymouth, Connecticut is made up of 7 members that have each been influenced by different genres but have come together over a love of performing.  Each musician is given the freedom to play in their own style which has created an easy listening jam band tone.  The fans have been responding and The Remnants have been invited to play The Gathering Of The Vibes for 4 years and the last 2 years of the Woodstock Reunion at Yasgur’s Farm.  It seem that the live experience is something to experience.

The Remnants recently released their self titled debut album Remnants.  The 7-track record is a good introduction on what the band has to offer.  The opener “Facing Home” is a bouncy track with a wide assortment of instruments adding their own little piece to create something fun.  The love song “Katie” is a softer take accompanied by a minimalistic piano line and some heartfelt vocals.  Every girl would swoon to have a song like this written about her.  Some funk and blues and rock and roll are all thrown into one on “Long Slow Roast”.  “Sacred Ground” allows the band to slow it down again and lay down some pretty guitar work and more vocals with real emotion.

Take a look and listen to The Remnants for yourself at:  www.theremnantsct.com  

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  1. Tim Andrew

    Had fun for 3 years…

  2. drummer tim andrew

    Nice article, thank you…drummer for Remnants