Showtime Goma’s Big Disaster Is A Welcome Disaster

Showtime Goma

Jen Goma, vocalist of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, has introduced her new solo project Showtime Goma. Her debut album, Smiley Face, is coming out June 16 and title itself can be juxtaposed with the debut single off of it, Big Disaster, which is out now.

Showtime Goma ’s Big Disaster is the perfect background to a day at the beach or a drive by the coast with the windows down. The sound can’t seem to decide if it is light pop or dark and synthetic. But in this case, that works in its favor.

Stereogum premiered the track, saying, “‘Big Disaster’…is a jovial dive into video game-esque synths and Goma‘s captivating vocals. The song is boundless, shifting its shape throughout its three-minute run-time, teetering from sugary pop and sassy, soulful deliveries.”

Showtime Goma

Bold and crisp vocals cut through the shapelessness of the sound, and this funky, pop tune somehow seamlessly comes across as fresh and retro at the same time.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow is a blurry, neo-psychedelic shoegazing lover’s dream. With Goma as their lead vocalist, there is naturally a thread or two of similarity between both projects. However, “Big Disaster” certainly holds its own with a unique, distinct sound. Have a listen for yourself and check out Showtime Goma’s video for Big Disaster below: