Shy Curves Give Us A Look At ‘Dreamboat’

Shy Curves

It has been quite the interesting past couple of months to say the least. Emotions and chaos abound. This is not great for our mental state but it does tend to stir up some great songwriting. So at least there is that. We recently came across Shy Curves and their latest single “Dreamboat” which hits us right in the feels.

The Boston, Massachusetts based duo brings back the nostalgia of the early 90s without the aggression and a little more emo. Shy Curves is comprised of frontman Omar Lizarraga (formerly of Sweeksoak) and Tom Pettyjohn. Together they produce an assortment of rich dreamy tones that lay as a perfect background for pondering a messed up world. Comparisons to classic bands such as Jawbreaker and Low can be felt.

During the current world crisis, Shy Curves locked themselves up and got to work creating music. The resulting Stay Home EP was released on July 5th. To help soothe the world 50% of the sales from this EP through Bandcamp will be donated to the NAACP as well as Black Lives Matter.

For the opener “Dreamboat” we are eased into a warm and cozy world of sound. As the track builds the sweet vocal emotion remains. In fact, the emotions pour right from the speakers. The surreal sounds blend together seamlessly to create a truly comforting listen even with the lyrics quite dark. 

Keep your ears out for more Shy Curves.

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