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Side Saddle

Side Saddle has been knocking around the greater New York City metropolitan area, gigging consistently and putting out albums, since 2014.

Based in Astoria, Queens, the contemplative indie rockers have their hearts in simpler times and quieter places — an earnest love of country, folk, and Americana, without irony or pretension, help define their sound.

In a very short time, they’ve given us three records, a full length (The Astoria) and two EPs (The Postcard and Young Professional), 8 beautifully produced music videos, and scores of live shows.

Side Saddle, Ever Prolific

Side Saddle has also grown along the way. Originally the solo side project of Ian McGuinness, the project grew to a duo (McGuiness plus TJ Dumser), to a trio (plus Ryan Sniffen), and on, and on, until they became the septet they are today.

You’d think it would be hard to wrangle seven different musicians — three guitarists, a keyboardist/trumpeter, a bassist, and two drummers — and the accoutrements, the pedal-steel guitar, the strings, and so on.

Side Saddle, though, handles it with aplomb. They build stirring songs, lush and richly textured, particularly on their latest, Young Professional.

Taking to Kickstarter

As if they hadn’t already given enough in just two short years, Side Saddle is hard at work on their second full length album, Side Saddle.

They crew has taken to Kickstarter to finance it, the first of their albums that they’ll be pressing to vinyl. They’re promising songs darker, both lyrically and musically, than anything they’ve done before (see below for samples from their previous albums), and a continuation of the big, layered sound they’ve developed over the past year or so.

There’s only 5 days left in the campaign and Side Saddle is still about one third shy of their goal. Will they make the record if they don’t hit their Kickstarter goal? I’m sure they will — you couldn’t stop these guys from making music if you tried. But you’ll help get it made sooner.

And besides — Side Saddle has given us a lot. Isn’t it time you gave a little something back?

Learn more about Side Saddle and their latest album — and perhaps become a backer — on their Kickstarter page.

From The Astoria:

From The Postcard:

From Young Professional:

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