Sometimes you can find the people whose mind won’t stop running, in the clubs shaking their ass to a mainstream song, just to lose themselves in the moment. Others, when life gets too hectic, use music to soothe, as they unwind – as if they’re the only people in the world. For the ones who are feeling for something in between, we have got the perfect artist to put you in an alterna-state.

Sienna - Japonesque

Sienna sticks out like a sore thumb, and in the vast world of music, that’s what Indie Band Guru is looking for – “Different, exotic, unique.”   Originally from ancient Kyoto, Japan, Sienna’s currently located in Norway, where she produces her one of a kind East meeting West sound.  Sienna has teamed with Kristian Wentzel and Hallvard Gaardløs since 2005 releasing four EPs in that time – These earlier sounds have a folk, alternative sound but her latest EP, Japonesque released earlier this month has a much more exotic twang.  Her tunes are creating a tranquil-riot throughout Japan and the UK. She proclaims to be an awake-walking daydreamer and it reflects within her music. Her music rings space-electronica on ‘Gion’, with a hint of jazz, a dash of funk (‘Play’), and smothered in an oriental vibe like on ‘Ascension’.  This is music to experience more than just listen.  Do it for yourself at:

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