Sir Chloe Gets Gritty And Intimate In “July”

   - review by Mackenzie Harris

With an intoxicating mix of gritty instrumentals and intimate storytelling, the new single from Sir Chloe, “July” shares the electric highs and lows of self-introspection. This indie rock song introduces itself as a guitar-heavy track that works to accentuate its lyrical and emotional depth. Reminiscent of songs from Peach Pit and the Pixies, Sir Chloe’s “July” will linger in the minds of listeners until they hit the replay button.  

Lead singer Dana Foote formed Sir Chloe only a few years ago in Vermont. Since then, the band has developed a certain philosophy toward songwriting that highlights the strength that often develops out of pain. Further, the band occupies a resurging niche of guitar driven indie music, which is apparent in its recent releases like “Animal” and “Untie You”. “July” is no exception to this. As a single taken from Sir Chloe’s upcoming EP, it foreshadows a darkly ethereal record that draws inspiration from artists across the industry.

Driving, soft, and visceral, “July” focuses on disconnecting from the deeply flawed parts of oneself. In the first verse the song says “I’m fighting but you’re stronger than I am tonight / Can’t say goodbye” leading listeners into an emotionally wrought moment. Paired with pounding percussion and subtly echoing vocals, it creates a heart racing feeling that ebbs and flows throughout the rest of the track. Ultimately, “July” paints a familiar example of the personal juxtapositions many face when looking into themselves.

Mixing grunge, rock, and indie Sir Chloe created a song that is hard to forget. “July” is a skillfully executed track perfect for those who love solid guitar parts and are looking to hear a unique story. As the release of Sir Chloe’s first EP draws closer, listeners can hopefully anticipate more tracks that are just as powerful and engaging.

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