Guide To DC’s Stargirl Before Second Season


With the announcement of a second season on the CW Network, hype for DC’s Stargirl is building fast and getting attention from a large audience nationwide. If you are new to Stargirl, here is a guide to the cast and characters from the show.

Stargirl – Courtney Whitmore

Played by Brec Bessinger, Courtney Whitmore is a High School Sophomore who has lived in California her whole life. Her life is suddenly upended when her mother remarries and uproots the family to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Courtney begins to bond with her new stepfather once she finds out he was a sidekick to the famous superhero, Starman. She discovers Starman’s cosmic staff which allows her to fly, shoot energy and begin a wide range of adventures as Stargirl.

Barbara Whitmore

Played by Amy Smart, Barbara is Courtney Whitmore’s mother. She falls in love with Pat Dugan and uproots her family from California to Nebraska. 

Pat Dugan

Played by Luke Wilson, Pat is Courtney Whitmore’s new stepdad. Having been a sidekick to Starman, Pat opens the doors for Courtney’s connection to the Justice Society. He also creates a 15-foot-tall robot named S.T.R.I.P.E., which allows him to fly and join some of the larger battles in the show. 

Mike Dugan

Played by Trae Romano, Mike is Courtney’s stepbrother in the newly blended family of her mother and Pat. Mike is the typical little brother who seems more interested in video games and friends than connecting with his newly formed family. 

Wildcat II – Yolanda Montez

Played by Yvette Monreal, Yolanda is one of the misfits who joins Courtney on her journey and who ends up being the second Wildcat. In the pilot episode, Courtney notices Yolanda being bullied, and her intervention marks the beginning of their relationship.

Doctor Mid-Nite II – Beth Chapel

Played by Anjelika Washington, Beth is another outsider befriended by Courtney. Beth can be described as a very witty and eager high school student who ends up becoming the second Dr. Mid-Nite.

Hourman II – Rick Tyler

Played by Cameron Gellman, Rick is one of several mysterious character in Stargirl who keeps the storyline ever interesting and entertaining. Rick seems to be a little brooding and has a chip on his shoulder, which may or may not prove helpful when he eventually becomes the second Hourman. 

Icicle – Jordan Mahkent

Played by Neil Jackson, Icicle is one of the most powerful and leading forces of the Injustice Society. He is the villain who used his ice abilities and powers to kill Starman. 

Brainwave – Henry Kind Sr.

Played by Christopher James Baker, Brainwave is the first villain encountered by Stargirl in the series. Brainwave has telekinesis powers and can control others via telepathy. Courtney is almost defeated in her first encounter with Brainwave and he proves to be a constant and viable threat to her.

Tigress – Paula Brooks

Played by Joy Osmanski, Tigress is unique among the series villains in that she has no special powers. What she does have, though, are very formidable and overpowering fighting skills. 

Sportsmaster – Lawrence Crock

Played by Neil Hopkins, Sportsmaster loves weapons that have a sports-related twist. Similar to Tigress, Sportmaster does not have superpowers, but his fighting abilities are top-notch and make him a threat to Stargirl and her band of misfits.

Dragon King – Dr. Ito

Played by Nelson Lee, this character is very mysterious as not a lot of information has been given on him throughout the series thus far. What is known is that he performs controversial experiments upon others as well as upon himself. 

Stargirl was created by Geoff Johns and is viewable on the CW network and its streaming service. 

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