Decide to go with REDD or bluu in the NuRenaissance


Music has become even more of a voice in the current political and social climate. Artists have the freedom to offer their take on the happenings in the world. This needs to be taken seriously. Our recent find NuRenaissance takes this to heart with their latest offering REDD & bluu.

The musical collaboration came together when two college creatives, SHiKi and Nicólas Soul, dove into creating a record label/media company that had no limits in terms of creativity. The sentiment caught on and NuRenaissance, an independent media company was born in Knoxville, TN. The freedom they created by forming their own brand allows full expression with no suits telling them what they can and can not do.

For their new project REDD & bluu, the beliefs and thoughts of NuRenaissance are laid out there for all to take in. The Red and Blue theme touches on many aspects; cop lights, the US Flag, America, and the Matrix. If you remember the film, taking the red pill or blue pill is a choice between taking either a pill that reveals the unpleasant truth, or taking a pill to remain in blissful ignorance. This double album is here to give you a look at both sides for you to make your own choice in the NUWORLD. This is an often ugly view of the world.

The two sides of the story are presented within two separate EPS. 

Conceptually, REDD acts as the last moments of REDD’s life. From the intro, they are being tailed by the police late at night and as they slow their car down, they begin to reflect on their fondest memories.

They reminisce on their younger days goofing off with friends on “TRAPBRUNCH” and then growing up and wanting to become successful with them on “MOVE”. They find humor in old college shenanigans on “KIRBY” and “GRAVEYARD SHIFT”. Finally as the EP winds down on “midnight savior”, they reflect on moments of perseverance and glory as well as unity in “TABULA RASA”.

Then on “fading to PRPL”, they snap out of their reflections and the police officer gets out of the car and walks toward their door.

The bluu journey follows the trials and tribulations of an African American male coming to age.

The pursuit of money and love are showcased on “$X$=$$” and “solange & solána”. Then as the main character grows older and learns more about the world, the BLUU (unpleasant truths) starts becoming more apparent to him (think of the Adam & Eve story when they ate the tree of knowledge). Realizing these unpleasant truths, they turn to drugs on “spiderman” and struggle with mental health on “soulSESSION, Pt. 3”.

Adding on to their mental health issues, drug addiction, and financial woes, “bluu” tackles the institutional racism the main character faces daily. (This is when REDD gets killed and bluu sees the news broadcast from “fading to PRPL”.) This pushes bluu over the top on “4mysKIN” to go fight the injustices in the system.

This is more than just music. It is a testament that should be absorbed in one sitting allowing your mind to take it all in. Many of us can relate to the stories being shared while others can use the songs to put themselves in the place of the protagonists. Feel the pleasure, the pain, and the thoughts. 

Keep up with the NuRenaissance HERE.

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