Siren’s Sky – Passionate Alt-Rock Music Survives

Siren's Sky

When an artist has a true passion for making music nothing can get in their way.  There will always be ways to adjust and adapt to the roadblocks that life tries to throw at your music career.  The passionate few will find a way to succeed.  One such artist is our recent find Siren’s Sky.

The music project is the brainchild of Dutch songwriter/guitarist Herbert Kaptein.  Before Siren’s Sky he was the leader of various New Wave/Alternative Rock bands based in Rotterdam such as Eyes Are Blind and The Undertow.  Unfortunately sickness struck and Herbert had to slow down his live performances and large workload.  Nothing could keep him out of music for long though.  He started the Siren’s Sky project working with various vocalists such as Lydia Salnikova (US), Jessica Rasche (US) and Esther Bredius (NL) to release new music.  The passion is as evident as ever and the group offers strong alternative rock music with lyrics addressing spiritual and existential issues.

The latest release by Siren’s Song is the full length album Forever.  The 9 track album proves that passion and a dedication to making great music can overcome any obstacle.  The opening title track “Forever” is an emotional journey through soft background melodies powered by the heartfelt vocals of Lydia Salnikova.  The production builds an epic sounding song.  There is a dark rock vibe to “Blinded”.  Jessica Rache takes on the vocals here with her diverse voice combining slow deliberate verses with a powerful chorus delivery.  The music of bands like Garbage and Evanescence came to mind.  There is a folk feel to “Autumn In Me” where Esther Bredius takes on the singing.  The pretty guitar melody pairs perfectly with her emotional vocals that bring the listener deep into the song.  The sound washes over you as you listen.  The album closes with an instrumental track by Siren’s Sky called “Along The Beachline”.  The true beauty and skill of Herbert Kaptein can be heard here.  An easy going drum beat clashes with the winding guitars to put the mind of the listener at ease and leave them relaxed and wanting more.

Keep up with Siren’s Sky at: and get a listen to the album HERE.

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