Sleep Eater Stays ‘Off the Beaten Path’ With Brand New EP

Sleep Eater

Sleep Eater is a five piece band originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band consists of Michael Fairfield (Vocals), Tony Loderstedt (Bass), Kade Rushing (Guitar), Spencer King (Keys), and Jaime Smith (Drums).


Sleep Eater Vary with Sound and Aggression


Although the overall feel of the EP is your classic pop punk sound, there are a few different elements incorporated into each song.

The EP starts off with the self titled, “Off the Beaten Path,” and introduces an almost electronic, modern feel. This isn’t exactly setting the tone for the rest of the project since the song does not touch base with the aggressiveness involved with a couple other tracks.


This first song is quick and gentle. It can almost be compared to Cashmere Cat with a bit more of a jazz, smooth feel. There are no vocals in this track, allowing that gentle sound.

The mood picks up with “Draw the Line” but the EP continuously crosses and steps back from the line drawn. Harsher vocals are introduced in this track and sets the tone for “Winter Roses”.


“Winter Roses,” is where you first hear the most of the pop punk sound. The song gets much more intense instrumentally and vocally. With a bit more aggressive and closer to growling vocals, the mood changes.

However, the feel radiating from this EP is calmed down completely by “TMMFS,” another gentle, fully instrumental track. With just 43 seconds, the whole song comes and gives you a pleasant treat.



The rest of the EP continues on with slightly more aggressive vocals, instrumentals, and emotions. “Bite the Hand” has the most growling and emotion. The guitars play a big role in accompanying the mood.


Sleep Eater can be Aggressive but Melodic


Although most of their EP includes harsh vocals and high energy instrumentals, they are able to calm down their tone.

“Off the Beaten Path” and “TMMFS” are definitely standouts in the project and possibly my favorites. They are fully instrumental and don’t seem to belong, yet still tie everything together.


Songs like “Silver Curtain” and “Bite the Hand” are mostly on the punk side, but there are clear attempts at being melodic.

An interesting overall aspect is the incorporation of electronic and synth sounds. Sleep Eater’s sound can be described as punk or pop punk, but they experiment with modern elements in music.


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