Premiere – SnapDibz Challenges His ‘Rivals’


Music can provide power. When real feeling is put into both beats and lyrics we can take away the motivation to be better. Working with other people looking to provide power will build it exponentially. Our new friend Snap and his SnapDibz project is doing just that with new single “Rivals” which we are honored to premiere here today.

The American born Indian rapper hails from the hip hop hotbed of Atlanta, Georgia. A meeting in 2007 between lyricist Snap and DJ Dibz led to the formation of SnapDibz. The goal is to create a mainstream pop and hip-hop sound. A string of underground shows and releases through the years has built up the brand.


The newest release “Rivals” sees SnapDibz collaborate with Rey! to add another layer to their sound. Snap tells us “This song is about strength, the strength to ignore and be above your haters while you stare you “Rivals”, your competition in the face. You conquer all in your way… while knowing it’s not all about the win.”

The sweet melody provides a perfect backdrop that sets the track alongside the pop sounds of the day. The strong flow of Snap pours out the power to build a strength in the listener. Having that power to rise above the negative. The hook will seep deep into your mind and be repeating long after the 3 minute song is over. 

With SnapDibz out there we can all Rise Up! Keep up with them on YOUTUBE and SPOTIFY.

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