David D’Alessio Stays ‘This Far Apart’

David D’Alessio

The connection between a songwriter and music can often be a wild ride. An artist must be willing to ride the waves and produce the music that comes out of it. Have the freedom to change and share what strikes you. Our recent find David D’Alessio has enjoyed the journey and has a new album to share.

The Hawaiian born, Arizona raised singer-songwriter is currently based in New York City. Since his debut album in 2007, David D’Alessio has grown and expanded his style. His love affair with music has remained constant though. “Music and I are in a long term relationship that I’m never gonna get out of,” muses D’Alessio about his lifelong passion. “Sometimes music abuses me and sometimes I abuse it.  But we keep talking, working through it, learning to communicate.”

For his latest release David D’Alessio gives us the EP This Far Apart. The 7-track record spreads his wings with an eclectic, contemporary pop, folk and soul influenced sound. The opener “Ain’t Looking Back” sets this tone with a bouncy sound full of keyboards, vocal overdubs,  jangly guitar, and a vocal delivery that pumps up the energy. “Before Tonight” continues this energy with some funk flavor reminiscent of a fun Maroon 5 song. Full sound to make you dance. 

The lead single “Everything We Want” slows it down somewhat but stays pop-friendly. The vocals are delivered with feeling as D’Alessio conveys a unique sense of longing. Things may get in the way but there is always hope. His sweet vocals shine here.

The eclectic and experimental side comes through on “Talking With My Hands.” A haunting vibe is punctuated by sweeping sounds and straight and falsetto vocals contrasting against each other. The closer “Throw Yourself in Front of It” plays with more atmospheric sounds thrown into a deeply emotional track. The listener can feel what the singer is going through and be right by his side hoping for the best. 

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