Cloe Wilder Shows Us “In The Next Life”

Check out the newly released music video for the latest song from Cloe Wilder titled “In The Next Life.” This track comes from her debut EP Teenage Lullabies which was released in January and has already garnered a lot of attention for her. One of music’s youngest rising talents at only 15 years old, Wilder has already made a name for herself. The indie-pop artist blends impressive vocals with an ethereal ambience. An impressive singer and songwriter, Wilder has managed to create her own style of complex emotional music with relatable lyrics.

The song “In the Next Life” was written in memory of her late Grandfather. Being about a loss, this song is deeply personal. Wilder lays out her feelings in this song and the emotion in the lyrics is evident. As the final track on Teenage Lullabies, it ends the EP on a somber yet relatable note; she describes this song “It’s the last one off of my debut EP, so it feels nice to close with something this simple. It feels a little more like me.” Creating a sense of closure, this track is a fitting end to the first EP by Cloe Wilder.

Watch the video for “In the Next Life” below

Directed by Bobby Hanaford, the music video for “In The Next Life” carries a dreamlike ambience. The video itself carries a sense of spontaneity from how it was shot, Wilder explains “This is an entirely alternative video from what I had originally planned to use. We shot this in one-take between other shots for fun, but it ended up being my favorite”. In the music video Wilder wanders through one long single shot. Combining with the saturated colors, the video takes on an ephemeral quality reminiscent of home movies.

The song overlays instrumentation with Cloe Wilder’s voice echoing throughout the track. Wilder’s performance on this track is impressive, showing off a wide range as the vocals dance around the harp melodies and jangly percussion in the background. The lyrics speak to a solemn remembrance of a loved one “You’re not mine to keep, So I made a deal with the other side, So I can find you in the next life.” This is a dreamy indie-pop track that lives in between soulful sadness and joyful memories in a melancholy middle-ground.

The music video for “In The Next Life” comes after the similarly adept videos for “It’s True”, and “I Wanna Be Alone with You”, “Call Me if You Need Me”. Already off to a strong start on her debut EP, Wilder is sure to be a promising artist going forward. About Teenage Lullabies she says “I’m so grateful for the warm welcome that this project has received. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is much more where that came from”. Make sure to look out for Cloe Wilder, one of the most talented young singer-songwriters in indie-pop.

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