Snowtown Provides A Somber ‘Happy Birthday’


People can unknowingly have a huge effect on the life of others. This is where it pays to always be the best person you can because your actions, words, and thoughts can be guiding someone else going through a difficult time. This is very prevalent in the story of our latest discovery Snowtown and their new single “Happy Birthday.”

The Salt Lake City, Utah based project is the brainchild of Jesse Garcia. With Snowtown he offers us an emotional alt-rock sound from the darker side. Putting his own life into his music is very relatable to a growing fanbase.

For the single “Happy Birthday” a soft and somber tone is taken as Snowtown reminisces on the significance certain birthdays have played in his life. When he was younger, Jesse dealt with a lot of dark thoughts, one of which being that he should end his life. He decided it would be on his 15th birthday after his party was over and everyone went home. However, one dedicated friend Loü didn’t go home and stayed with him most of the night; unaware of Jesse’s tumultuous inner struggle. In effect, Loü saved Jesse’s life that day. Thus, “Happy Birthday” was born.

The song drifts along in an emotional and subdued tone as the lyrics of Snowtown share the story. An assortment of atmospheric sounds creates a matching soundscape that encapsulates the listener. Many of us have been in similar situations. Hearing Jesse share his feelings and thoughts allows us to know we are not alone. An interesting vocal piece raises some attention to keep the journey going. A perfect song to listen to when we need a reminder to push through.

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