There are so many different genres of music out there with new ones seemingly popping up each week.  When a band has the imagination to combine different genres to form a new one the listeners take notice.  We recently discovered the style of Solemn Meant Walks and need to share it with you.

Solemn Meant Walks

The band from Chicago brings together dreamy ethereal rock and experimental goth with post punk influences.  Lead singer Ami Gloria came up with the concept back in 2007 with the help of guitarist Doug Tompkins.  The duo became a full four-piece in 2011 with the addition of drummer Andrew Sole and bassist Allie Frost.  Solemn Meant Walks now seems destined to expand beyond the local Chicago scene into the nationwide underground.

Back in April the band released the self titled album Solemn Meant Walks to their ever growing fanbase.  The 8 track record brings a real energy to an often downtrodden genre.  The opener “Highway” leads with a pulsing bassline partnered with an eerie guitar tone to introduce the style that is quite interesting.  The vocals remain ethereal in their delivery creating even more awkwardness, in a good way.  On “Vanessa” the band enters a more spacey area with reverberating vocals leading the dark groove.  Solemn Meant Walks takes you back to an earlier time on “Said The Night” with its new wave feel but in a more goth way than those early trendsetters.  The album closes with the instrumental “Montavilla”.  There is a lot going on here in the wall of sound being created.  Experience it for yourself at:

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