SONIC RADIATION Shoots through “Infrared”


Sonic Radiation, a.k.a. Todd Last, is an electronic dance music artist in Dallas, Texas who makes captivating, modern music without ever letting go of the essence of the genre. As a creator, Sonic Radiation has his vision fixated on the future of EDM and is working hard to be one of the people helping to define what that is. His latest single is “Infrared,” a heavily grooving club track that displays Last’s signature blend of trance and techno. He has a knack for intertwining simple parts into a complex whole and he uses it here to give us a body-rocking track that never gets too busy or loses its soul. 

“Infrared” is built on a driving quarter-note pulse and topped with percolating synths that use creative repetition to define the track. Other musical and percussive elements come and go but the synths remain and hold the groove and texture together. SR’s sounds are warm and organic and “Infrared” could almost be passed off as “vintage,” especially because it doesn’t have the overcompressed harshness present in a great deal of modern music. He is inspired by titans of electronic music like Depeche Mode, Front 242, Gary Numan, Frontline Assembly, and Astral Projection but maintains his own artistic space and individuality. 

Sonic Radiation has his own deep reasons for making this music and his commitment and emotion are obvious. SR is a long-term Spinal Cord Injury patient who had an accident in the waters of Hawaii. Making music was an important early step in his recovery and he has worked diligently to regain the ability to live and to follow his lifelong dream of creating electronic music. His goals are to express his hope, energy, and reverence for both music and life. “Infrared” achieves that and more and shows Sonic Radiation to be an important and evolving presence in the EDM universe.

Experience more Sonic Radiation for yourself HERE.

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