Steady Rollin Proves Nothing is ‘Impossible’

Steady Rollin

With all the wild offshoots into different genres nowadays, sometimes it is nice to just settle into a straight-up rock n roll vibe. Our recent find Steady Rollin brings us just that with thier own little touches to keep the music fresh and interesting.

The trio consists of  Benjamin Andrade (drums/backing vocals); Gerardo Pardo (bass) and Fernando Poma (guitar and lead vocals). Together as Steady Rollin they produce a powerful combination of blues, rock, and story-telling lyrics. Although based in El Salvador, the music has worldwide appeal. Taking influence from such classic rock legends as Led Zeppelin and Cream, the big rock sound is immediately evident. 

The band recently released thier full length album Love & Loss to expand thier worldwide reach. The lead single “Impossible” and accompanying music video starts the journey off with a bang. Steady Rollin has a way off melding rock’s power along with a Blues vibe that makes the song seem nostalgic even upon first listen.

Big drums crash as the guitar takes us on a melodic ride. Poma even throws in some nice solos to remind us of what rock used to be. The vocals are very strong as well building to a chorus that you may find yourself singing along quickly. 

Steady Rollin is definitely a band to keep an eye and ear out for. Follow thier website HERE.

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