Sizzy Rocket Is Back With a Spicy New Single, “Smells Like Sex”

Sizzy Rocket is back with a genre-blending, unapologetic sex positive, anthem “Smells Like Sex”, her second single of the year.

The provocative lyrics, inspired by Marcy Playground’s 1997 “Sex and Candy” single, are accompanied by a strong bass and a trap beat that fits perfectly with Sizzy’s vocals that were made for rap-pop. It’s difficult to fit the song in one genre with its obvious punk, alt-rock, and pop influences, but she successfully blends all of those into one.

When asked about the thought process behind the song, Sizzy said, “I knew that I wanted to make a sex positive anthem, something clever and sexy but still smart. Like, how do I talk about pussy in a fun, intelligent way?”

Sizzy is a hardworking artist who’s is in the process of building her own independent record label called Diet Punk Records, designing and packaging her own merch, and booking her own tours—all which matches her boss attitude and bold personality as seen in her previous singles, “Bestie” and “THAT BITCH.”

She’s worked with top-tier producers in New York City, landing her a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. Not only does Sizzy write her own original music, but she’s also worked with Noah Cyrus, Bea Miller, and Hey Violet—the other cool girls of pop who are also transforming the music scene with their boss attitude.

Her debut album “THRILLS” was released in 2016 and “Bestie” received critical praise from New York Magazine, PAPER, and BUSTLE, putting Sizzy’s name out there. Sizzy released her projects, “Hot Summer” and “GRRRL” in 2017 and 2019, earning her a cult-like following of devoted fans mesmerized by her unique style and carefree attitude.

Sizzy embodies everything that makes punk rock cool and glamorous, so fall in love with her her in-your-face energy in “Sex and Candy.”

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