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Submarine In Space

Let’s be honest, there are not very many instrumental bands that can captivate the attention of general audiences. It can be difficult to translate emotion without using lyrics, and our emotional tie to music is what makes our connection to it so strong. Submarine In Space, an instrumental jazz rock band from New Delhi, India; however, has transcended over that barricade, bringing their listeners a slew of heavy hitting songs radiating with emotion.

The last two years have been fruitful for Submarine In Space, garnishing much deserved attention from Rolling Stone Magazine for their performance at Magnetic Fields in 2018 following the release of their debut album Wavelengths. And the momentum stayed alive with a performance at the NH7 Weekender in 2019 alongside huge names like Opeth, Kodaline and Nick Murphy

“Take Off” is the bonus track off of Wavelengths, but has amassed the most Spotify streams yet for the band. Submarine In Space says that the track portrays the tale of a soul that yearns for its last wish before it passes onto eternity. You can truly feel that energy throughout this number. Nearly eight minutes in length, “Take Off” feels more like a short story than a song. Immediately the track sweeps you off of your feet and takes you alongside its journey.

The emotion “Take Off” presents draws you in, but what keeps you listening throughout the entire song is the unprecedented talent that Submarine In Space has. Each member of the band showcases incredible technical ability, allowing their instrument to shine through in their best light. Each instrument plays off of the others, helping you connect your emotions to the music in different ways. Guitar riffs and the keys brilliantly soar above the other instruments in high moments, while deep bass and the drums bring you back down to reality.

Submarine In Space has figured out the sacred balance between their instruments to create something to stand-out in a world where it is all too easy to blend in. “Take Off” and all of Wavelengths is just the beginning of Submarine In Space’s story. I’m sure this story is only going to keep rising from here.

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