The National Parks occupies a place that is in-between popular music and the alternative scene. This is a unique sub-genre, as it is not fully pop and not fully indie. This is shown very clearly in their new single – “Time.”

However, what truly makes this band a special one is how they manage to blend these two styles with an infusion of folk. One of the places that folk music lives in when it comes to the modern music scene is the way in which it is mixed in with other genres. For fans of folk, it has been an interesting trend to watch.

Indeed, The National Parks’ single “Time” is a fascinating example of this new style of folk-blended music. “Time” manages to be modern with its pop elements, giving it a catchy tune that allows the song to be listened to over and over without losing its meditative flare. However, the real soul of the song comes from its indie and alternative instrumentation as well as its folk-style lyrics.

‘The National Parks’ latest single offers up a really superb blend of these three musical styles that give it a fully polished sound. “Time” is especially topical because it features themes of finding hope in dark times. It’s about living moment to moment and accepting the dark times along with the good times. This single does not make promises that it cannot keep.

“Time” does not pretend that the bad will simply be wiped away and replaced with the good. Instead, “Time” is all about accepting that life is bearable if we can cherish the good moments and tolerate the bad. Listening to “Time” is a deeply peaceful and calming experience. It brings a sense of peace to the new reality of quarantine and isolation that all of us are facing.

In the current climate, it is easy to focus on the bad and inadvertently ignore the good. But “Time” is a necessary reminder that this too shall pass. It won’t last forever. “Time” reminds us that the bad doesn’t last forever. We’ll get back to the good. We will.

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