Stefan Kristinkov Shares ‘Clarinet Vibe’

Some of the best things in life are achieved through profound curiosity. Stefan Kristinkov, an eclectic composer from New York City, has fueled his passions through his curiosity. That innate desire to continue gaining knowledge has allowed for Stefan to push boundaries and chase new ideas. The latest from the creative composer is a solo EP showcasing a beautiful woodwind in Clarinet Vibe.

Clarinet Vibe was released on September 28th, 2021. It is a five song EP that utilizes vibraphone, bass guitar, and a drum set to help amplify all of the beauty that the clarinet beholds. Stefan has managed to blur the lines of genres with his unique jazz fusion sound found throughout the EP. The result is a tantalizing five songs that manage to maintain your attention, despite not having vocal elements.

Listen to Clarinet Vibe below

Stefan was looking to push boundaries and explore new dimensions of sound in order to create a maximized aesthetic and emotional impact. Each song leaves you with a different feeling, impacting you in a diverse array of ways. The EP opener “Things To See” feels like a fun and sensual dance with your partner on a warm summer’s evening under the stars. “Last Of A Kind” feels much more funky, there’s a lot more soul in that song that permeates through your bones. Yet every track on the EP still manages to evoke emotion.

It’s beyond impressive that Stefan was able to paint different worlds within each track with only a few instruments in hand. His maturity, creativity, and craftsmanship can be seen within every second of this EP. It’s well worth the listen to be able to immerse yourself into new experiences for 25 minutes. Don’t miss out on what’s to come from Stefan Kristinkov.

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