IBG Premiere – Stephen Babcock Stands Up To The ‘Fight I Need’

Stephen Babcock

Creating music is a dream for many young people. The difficult hurdles crash many a budding career for those not able to withstand the hardships. But those willing to stay strong and put in the hard work, a career in music is within reach. Our recent discovery Stephen Babcock seems to have what it takes and has more music coming our way.

The singer and songwriter has always used music to create his personal identity. Coming from a big family full of music formed the basis. Stephen Babcock began writing songs at the age of 13 and has not stopped since. Eight years of writing, touring, and working on his craft led to his debut album Said & Done. More music and touring followed as Stephen embraced his love for Americana, southern rock, and indie folk to form his own unique sound.

After spending the last three years on and off the road and hours of writing in New York and Nashville, Stephen is set to release a bundle of new singles in the near future. The first of these signals, “First I Fight” has been released today June 28th.

Premiere of ‘Fight I Need’ by Stephen Babcock

Right from the opening guitar strums, Stephen Babcock sets the tone for a melodic track full of energy. As the vocals come in we can feel the emotion that he puts into his songwriting. There is a catchiness of the guitar chord structure that keeps the listener rocking along. The story pushes forward with its raw intensity that leaves us wanting more.

Fortunately, there are at least 2 more songs on the close horizon. Keep a look out for them and more news from Stephen Babcock on his WEBSITE.

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