Steven Blane Starts The Season With ‘First Christmas’

Steven Blane

As I rolled through Home Depot today looking to grab a few more Halloween decorations I was somewhat surprised to see that they already had the artificial Christmas trees lined up and ready. It seems earlier every year but always a fun time to look forward to. Then I settled into my office and opened up my emails to find the first Christmas song of the season by our friend Steven Blane. 

The singer-songwriter has been a staple in the New York City scene for decades. Steven Blane has brought his Americana-Jazz-Rock style through all the legendary venues of Greenwich Village. Indie Band Guru featured his last album Shed Sessions with his band HERE

Now Steven Blane is getting us ready for Christmas with his latest single “First Christmas”. He tells us the song is about bringing your baby home for Christmas for the first time and meeting the family. Obviously a stressful time but Steven brings the happy with his uplifting vocal delivery. The repeating “happy’ in the chorus is sure to put a smile on your face. The song will fit in perfectly with any Christmas music playlist. 

The music video is also a well-made piece of art. The beautiful Christmas scenes add a visual element to expand the happiness. The joy gets contagious as the song continues. This may be one that you hear a lot in the coming holiday season. And you can say you saw it here first, lol

To keep up with the latest news and more music from Steven Blane, check out his website.

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